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About Us

Inspired by a three foot powerhouse Penny Puede is here to empower.  
Penny Puede started in 2019 when after finishing up lunch my then 2 year old  grabbed her step stool and went over to the kitchen sink to wash her dish. Her Nana stopped her and told her she couldn't because she was too little. Boldly and with conviction Penelope looked at her Nana and told her "Si puedo. Yo todo puedo." And that is how Penny Puede was named. :)
Empowerment is real y'all! The things we say and model for our kids really makes a big impact on how they grow up seeing themselves. It affects what they think they're capable of and who they think they are. 
On my mission to "Raise Poderosos" it became unequivocally clear to me that in order to raise strong, kind, and emotionally intelligent children I had to model all these attributes and embody them. The more I worked on becoming a better version of myself the closer I came to living my life with the purpose to heal, grow and flourish into my highest self so that I can give the best of me to my kids and in turn empower them.
I am completely honered and humbled that you all connect with these designs which are all created with so much intention and love. Thank you for doing the hard work within and honoring yourself. Thank you for raising Poderosos, you make this world a better place. 
My dream is to grow alongside you all and continue to spread the message that empowerment is key. Empower yourself to heal and grow so that you may in turn empower your others to do the same.
We can change this world y'all. One generation at a time. One soul at a time. One Poderosa at a time.
Mujer, Stand in Your Power!